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Cotton Research and Development Corporation (CRDC) - Commercialisation of a novel biopesticide

Opportunity for

  • Life sciences and crop protection companies with capability to research, develop and commercialise novel bio-pesticide products in Australia and globally

Opportunity description

Industry challenge:

Synthetic insecticides are an important component of a cotton farmer’s crop protection toolkit. However, they are facing numerous challenges including regulatory pressures, insect resistance, market pressures and increasing difficulties unearthing new modes of action.

Biopesticides represent a viable solution to support and possibly replace some synthetic insecticides, as these challenges manifest themselves across the world.

Current opportunity:

Cotton Research and Development Corporation (CRDC) is seeking a life sciences or crop protection company to assist in developing a plant extract compound as a commercial biopesticide offering. This compound has been identified after an extensive screening process of plant extracts from a number of native and exotic plant species. Current information suggests that this compound represents a novel mode-of-action from currently available insecticides. It is likely that the plant source of this compound can be cultivated on a commercial scale to produce and harvest the active metabolites. An extraction method has been developed which is simple, safe and inexpensive.

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Opportunity background:

A plant extract compound has been discovered which is showing promising insecticidal activity on several key pest species. Initial screenings indicate that this compound is likely to have favourable off-target traits including low phytotoxicity, low impact on non-target organisms and favourable eco-toxological profile.

CRDC and Western Sydney University (WSU) have submitted a patent application relating to the commercial development and application of this technology. A partner to work with further developing the market potential of this compound, conducting research, development and regulatory activities to advance commercialisation of this compound as a biopesticide in the Australian market with the ultimate aim of releasing a commercial product in the marketplace is now sought.

Opportunity type

Licensing, Joint venture, Research partner, Seeking partners

Express interest by

22 July 2022
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Early (TRL 1-4)
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