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Beston Technologies: OZIRIS™ a world leading food providence and traceability solution – commercial opportunity

Opportunity for

  • Solution providers/resellers – technology vendors interested in incorporating OZIRIS as part of a third party solution or reselling OZIRIS
  • Food companies that require traceability solutions who are interested in trialling OZIRIS™

Opportunity description

Industry Challenge:

Globally, food fraud is becoming a significant challenge, estimated to cost $40 -50 billion a year, and $2-3 billion in Australia alone. Clients want to protect their brands from fraud and want to have the ability to track and trace their products along the supply chain and provide their customers will confidence they are buying a genuine product as well as show a providence story.

Validation that what the consumer is purchasing is an original product from the point of manufacture by the brand owner. Beston Technologies OZIRIS™ validates the providence model and provides confidence along the supply chain all the way to the consumer that what they are purchasing is a genuine product.

Current opportunity:

Beston Technologies are seeking companies interested in trialling the OZIRIS™ platform. In addition solution providers or other agtech/foodtech platforms looking for integration partnerships. Food companies interested in conducting proof of concept trials in house can express interest too.

OZIRIS™ has been validated in the following use cases:

  • Food Recall Management: Successful preliminary trial of the OZIRIS™ integrated platform with a major retailer in a food recall management exercise. Savings identified in reduced waste, time, labour, insurance, re-ordering.
  • Meat verification: MVP proven of OZIRIS™ NIR scanning to verify the origin, type, quality, age, and any meat contaminants (game changing - through the packaging scanning) completed to over 95% accuracy.
  • Australian high grade Opal verification: successful trials with a gem retailer seeking to confirm the identification and provenance of high value Australian opals, being cut, set and retailed. Trials enabled a 95% verification of individual opals, adequate to satisfy commercial sale contract standards.
  • Whisky quality and compliance: successful preliminary trial with a high grade whisky distiller on the identification and consistency of whisky. Considered to be capable of meeting the high standards required to provide purchasers with assurance as to the origin and quality of current product.

Opportunity Background:

OZIRIS™ is an integrated non-invasive digital platform comprising real time cost effective customisable service

  • Physical packaging traceability via scanned imperceptible GS1 Australia barcodes (including unique ID), supported by product QR codes
  • Biological goods non-invasive, mobile phone optical scanning solutions – Near Infra-red (NIR), Raman, Hyperspectral ( or combinations) –enable unique ID’s + quality, benchmarking, verification
  • Provenance of food and beverage details delivered on mobile devices, B:B, B:C channels
  • Storage of digitised data in Cloud – accessible world- wide on IoS and Android devices / platform
  • Distributed Ledger capture / extraction of Supply-chain data, and Smart Contract management
  • Real time : Verification + Authenticity + Provenance.

Potential other applications

The technology we have developed can be applied to almost any product. Other areas where we are currently testing includes; diary bi-products, honey, olive oil, and fish.

Opportunity type

Licensing, Field trial, Acceleration, Seeking partners

Express interest by

31 December 2022


Mid (TRL 5)
Proof of concept in the laboratory then in the field resulting in the development of a minimum viable product (MVP).
What does this mean?
Describes the stage of the challenge or opportunity being pursued.

Opportunity led by

Multiple industries
Alternative protein Aquaculture Beef cattle Beverage Cross industry Dairy Essential oils Honey bees Nuts Packaged food Pork Poultry Sheep & lamb Vegetables Wild catch fisheries

Beston Technologies

Beston Technologies - Defining the next generation of providence solutions. Beston Technologies creates state of the art, innovative, and disruptive solutions focusing on traceability and actual product providence across multiple verticals (with a focus on F&B and agriculture).

Multiple industries
Alternative protein Aquaculture Beef cattle Beverage Cross industry Dairy Essential oils Honey bees Nuts Packaged food Pork Poultry Sheep & lamb Vegetables Wild catch fisheries
  • Location

    South Australia

  • Organisation type

    Startup or Scaleup or SME

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