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How marine algae can help droughtproof agriculture

Graeme Barnett, Managing Director & CEO of Qponics speaks about their innovative marine microalgae solution, how it can help droughtproof agriculture and become a major player in the future of protein production. Qponics is now seeking a $1m bridging round to scale the co-production of protein-rich food ingredients and high-value oils

Qponics successfully developed a pilot farm in Brisbane, and now has plans to build a complex of six farms, each 100 hectares in size at South Ballina, in NSW, a region deemed the “Goldilocks zone”, for marine microalgae farming in Australia.

The Queensland agritech company is currently seeking investment for a $1 million bridging round to help scale sustainable oil and protein production. It’s an exciting opportunity for impact investors and those with networks in food, beverage, pharmaceutical, or nutraceutical manufacturing and distribution in Australia, Asia, USA or Europe.

Our growAG. contributor Judy Kennedy caught up with Graeme, to learn more about Qponics, their mission to accelerate the transition to droughtproof agriculture, and how the marine microalgae industry could become a major player in the future of protein production. Visit to read the story, and learn more about this opportunity, here.

*Episode correction notes

Graeme made two references throughout the podcast, he wanted to clarify. He talks about ESG (environmental, social, and governance) at 14.49mins and says “economic” instead of “environmental”. He also notes at 24mins, he says "TGA" instead of "FDA".

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Qponics Limited

Qponics is addressing the looming global protein deficit by building a droughtproof marine bioproducts industry in Australia to produce protein at unprecedented yields and economically sustained through the co-production of high-value oils.
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